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In Africa, we have a set mission of introducing and selling Baby M brand of maternity and baby products into the ever expanding market in all African countries so that BABY M products will be sold in every baby and maternity store, shop and supermart across Africa.

Some of the first batch of Baby M brand of products that we are introducing into the African Market, include:

  • Nursing Breast Pads
  • Manual Breast Pumps
  • Electric Breast Pumps
  • Electric bottle and baby food warmers
  • Electric Steam Sterilizer with Bottles
  • Baby Feeding Bottles
  • Baby Receiving blankets
  • Car Sunshades (Pack of 2)

Click here to discuss about distributorship in your area, city or country with us.

  1. Existing baby and maternity shop owners who are willing to sell more variety of products to their customers.
  2. Anyone or group of people who are interested in setting up a booming and lucrative baby and maternity essentials store.
  3. Anyone or group of people who wants extra source(s) of income in addition to present source(s) of income.
  4. Anyone or group of people who have warehousing facility where goods can be re-sold to retailers or end users.
  1. Enjoy huge discounts off on all items purchased from us, thus increasing your profit margin(s).
  2. Have your store details (store name, address , contact person(s), contact phone number(s), e-mail and website) displayed under “OUR DISTRIBUTORS” icon on this website so that end users will be aware of the nearest places to get our products and other items whenever they are in your area, city or country.